This self-contained, 30 US Gallon (114 liter) capacity hand washing station provides a reliable way for personnel to ensure they are able to manage an effective hygiene regime, whatever the location. The station delivers a controlled flow of water to perform approximately 150 hand washes* from a full unit.

Stainless-steel frame and large pneumatic tires aid portability making it easy to maneuver by one person
• Hands-free, foot activation for ease of use and to minimize cross-contamination
• Simple to fill with a standard garden hose via the 1/2 inch quick release water inlet connection
• Soap and paper towel dispenser (contents not provided)
• Can act as a supplement to permanent installations
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Capacity:  30 Gallons/114 Liters.

Operating Duration:  57 Minutes

Station Size:  33 x 44.4 x 69 in.

Water Flow Per Minute:  .5 US Gallons

176 lbs.

Hughes Mobile Self-Contained Hand Washing Station + Free Shipping

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